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Hepatitis A (Live) Vaccine, Freeze-dried produced by Changsheng Life Sciences Ltd. has been involved into National Children Immunization Program, and millions of doses of vaccine are purchased by provincial governments every year to meet the demands for susceptible infants and young children, playing great role in the prevention and control for Chinese Hepatitis A.



(1) Obtain honor certificate for National Ten Famous-brand Products in Pharmaceutical Industry;  

(2) Obtain National Technical Innovation Award and Second Award of National Prize for progress in science and technology at the earliest;

(3) Obtain patent for invention of Hepatitis A (Live) Vaccine, Freeze-dried and patent certificate of vaccine preparation by cell factory at the earliest;

(4) The earliest patent winner for packing box designing;

(5) Quality index of international leading standard;

(6) Less clinical reaction after injection;

(7) High conversion rate of serum antibody and high titer of antibody GMT;

(8) Long lasting antibody and reliable prevention.


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