Enterprise Philosophy
Taking people as the foremost and
innovating science and technology

Enterprise Spirits:
Honesty and self-discipline, unity and friendship
Respecting and loving the profession with dedication.
Facing any hardship fearlessly and Being brave in any challenge.
Endeavoring to research and exploring for innovation.
Persisting in development and keeping moderate in operation.

The aim of the enterprise
Caring for lives and promoting people’s health

The enterprise’s philosophy on honor and disgrace
Taking loving the enterprise and the factory as an honor, while harming the enterprise and the factory as a disgrace;
Taking safe production as an honor, while operation against rules as a disgrace;
Taking loving the profession as an honor, while violating regulations as a disgrace;
Taking diligentness and honesty as an honor, while corruption and degeneration as a disgrace; Taking energy-saving and consumption-lowering as a honor, while extravagance and waste as a disgrace;
Taking improving skills as an honor, while neglecting study as a disgrace;
Taking being dedicated and factualistic as an honor, while being opportunistic as a disgrace;
Taking uniting and coordinating as an honor, while profiteering at the expense of others as a disgrace.

The Development Strategy of the enterprise
Taking market as the guide, innovation as the soul,
information as the medium, and struggling to exist
by quality.

The Operation philosophy of the enterprise
1. Sense of market
2. Sense of competition
3. Sense of effectiveness and benefits
4. Sense of innovation
5. Sense of long-term goal
6. Sense of ecological protection
7. Sense of democracy
8. Sense of harmony

The philosophy of the enterprise on charities
Respecting and caring for people, being enthusiastic
about public welfare and assisting the poor and the

Goals of the enterprise
Seizing business opportunities
Persisting in innovation
Building an excellent and powerful enterprise by continuous

Catchword of the enterprise
Concerning about the people’s longevity,
working together for a better tomorrow

Internal Self-encouragement of the
Accepting the company’s philosophy on longevity
Believing firmly your own choice
Striving constantly for excellence in life