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Croatian Delegation in the Company

On the morning of September 11, 2017, the former President of Croatia, Mr. Stepan Messi, accompanied by relevant leaders such as Jin Yuhui, Vice Governor of Jilin Province, came to visit Changchun Changsheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. CEO Ms. Gao Junfang took the warm reception of all the leading members of the company.


Vice Governor Jin Yuhui first welcomed Mr. Stephan Messi''''s visit to Jilin Province. He said that Jilin Province has always attached importance to its friendly relations with Croatia and has organized the economic and trade delegation many times to carry out economic and trade exchanges in Croatia. Recently, the first state-level pavilion in Jilin Province, the Croatian National Pavilion, was built and opened in Changchun City. It fully reflects Croatia''''s emphasis on Jilin Province. Vice Governor Jin Yuhui pointed out that Changchun Changsheng is an outstanding representative of Jilin Province''''s pharmaceutical bio-industry and a leader in Chinese vaccine industry. It is a business card for Jilin Province''''s international cooperation. Inviting Mr. Stephan Messi to visit China is to establish a perceptual understanding of the enterprises in Jilin Province and lay a good foundation for their cooperation in the future.

Ms. Gao Junfang detailed the company''''s product information, sales network, competitive advantage and so on. At the same time, she pointed out: "This year marks the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Croatia. It is also the 25th anniversary of the establishment of Changsheng Changsheng Company. It coincides with the promotion of the ''''Belt and Road'''' by China. Both parties have good fates and opportunities. Currently, the new plant of varicella vaccine and rabies vaccine is under construction, basing on WHO PQ standards. After the project is completed, it will help to promote Changchun Changsheng''''s products to enter the international mainstream vaccine market. Therefore, it hopes to further strengthen its cooperation with the Croatian government and its enterprises in products and technologies to enter the European market as a bridgehead."

Mr. Stephan Messi expressed his heartfelt admiration for the business development and the strength shown by Changsheng Changsheng. He said that Changchun Changsheng''''s business is benefiting mankind as well relevant enterprises in Croatia. Changchun Changsheng is very welcome to cooperate with the enterprises in Croatia. He himself is also very willing to build a bridge for exchanges and cooperation between the two sides.

Afterwards, Mr. Stepjacici, accompanied by Governor Jin Yuhui and his entourage, visited the company pavilion. CEO Ms. Gao Junfang personally explained the glorious development of the company and the brilliant achievements made by the company as well as the huge economic and social benefits. She said that Changsheng will continue to provide health protection for the general public, benefit the community and contribute to the creation of a harmonious society.


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